The Art of the Kora

this project is devoted to the music, the culture and the musicians
of the most demanding and highest developped
African string instrument

the Kora the music the playing technique
Jaliya V4 for Westafrican music and instruments

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    Jaliya V4 Full Version offers more than 160 authentic notations
    of the most famous pieces from the Kora repertoire of Senegal, Gambia, Guinea Bissau, Guinée and Mali,
    based on interpretations of more than 30 musicians, among them traditional Griots as well as internationally known masters like:

    Jali Nyama Suso, Alhaji Bai Konte, Amadou Bansang Jobarteh, Lalo Keba Drame, Foday Musa Suso,
    Jali Meseng Cissokho, Sidiki Diabaté, Batrou Sekou Kouyaté, Toumani Diabaté, Ballaké Sissoko, Abdou Galissa

    Jaliya V4 Full Version costs 50 Euro, see Download for detail.

    • world-wide only Archive of original Kora music
    • Kora Bridge with strings, flashing synchronously with the music, visualizing all playing techniques in detail
    • microtonal Tuner with predefined traditional tunings
    Jaliya V4 features now 600 notations, original sounds and animated visualizations of following instruments:

    • Kora - bridgeharp from Gambia/Senegal/Mali, configurations for 21 / 22 / 23 strings, heptatonic
    • Donso Ngoni - bridgeharp from Mali, 6 strings, pentatonic
    • Kamale Ngoni - bridgeharp from Burkina Faso/Mali, 8(~12) strings, pentatonic
    • Balafon Manding - xylophone from Gambia/Senegal/Mali, heptatonic
    • Balafon Burkina - xylophone from Burkina Faso, pentatonic
    • Ngoni/Konding/Xalam - lute from Mali/Gambia/Senegal, 4 Saiten
    • Sintir/Guimbi/Hadjoudj - bass lute from Morocco, 3 Saiten
    • Valiha - bamboo zither from Madagascar, 18 strings, heptatonic
    • Marovany - box zither aus Madagascar, 18 strings, heptatonic
    • Mvet - stick zither from Cameroon, 8 strings, tetratonic
    • Percussion - Malinké Ensemble (Djembe, Kenkeni, Dundun, Sangpan, Dundunba) - Guinée/Mali
    • Percussion - Mandinka Ensemble (Sabaro, Kutiriba, Kutirindingo) - Gambia/Senegal (Casamance)/Guinea Bissau

    • More instruments to come !


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