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Welcome to the Software for
West African string and percussion instruments

With this exciting software, the complexities of West African music are systematically analyzed and the playing of various instruments is graphically shown in real time: simply perfect for studying. Its exclusive collection of authentic music is an invaluable resource for the beginner picking up his first tunes as well as for the connoisseur looking for classic songs and advanced techniques.
See what the program has to offer:

world-wide only Archive of original Kora music
more than 160 notations of the most famous pieces from the Kora repertoire in all regional styles
instrument visualization: Kora Bridge with strings, flashing synchronously with the music, demonstrating all playing techniques in detail

most complete Archive of traditional Westafrican Djembe rhythms
more than 300 notations of traditional rhythms for Malinké Djembe Ensemble
instrument visualization: Djembe skins flashing synchronously with the music, demonstrating hand-to-hand playing technique

audiovisual tablature Notation System with innovative Notation Editor interface
Notation Player with original sounds sampled from the instruments, adjustable playback speed, loop functions, note-by-note playing
microtonal Tuner with predefined traditional tunings

Learn to play the exciting music and instruments of Westafrica.
Choose an Instrument and see some screenshots and listen to sound samples of Jaliya V4:

Kora - bridgeharp from Gambia/Senegal/Mali/Guinée/Guinea Bissau

    Play: Kora in normal tempo, Kora in slow tempo for learning

Ngoni - lute from Gambia/Senegal/Mali/Guinée/Guinea Bissau

Balafon - xylophones from Gambia/Senegal/Mali/Guinée

Percussion - Guinée/Mali/Burkina Faso (Djembe, Kenkeni, Dundun, Sangpan, Dundunba)

more - exotic string and percussion instruments with original sounds from Westafrica and Madagascar

You can even sample your own instrument, integrate it in Jaliya, create and play notations with the original sounds of your instrument in any tempo and any tuning.

Some users are saying:

The program is incredible. I thank you sincerely for your dedication and your contribution to the study and dissemination of West African music.
I love this software! Thanks for a great program and a wonderful website.
Many thanks for your advices, the website and the "logiciel"!
Great work for this great instrument!
fell in love with the kora in Conakry Guinea
finding teachers and info is difficult, this venue is proving invaluable
thank you so much for your website, forum, and all the work you put in that program
I'm totally amazed by this software! Thank you so much, I can't believe this exists, it's so hard to find a kora teacher this will really help before I can afford to go to West Africa and learn from people there
bravo pour ce travail gigantesque!
I must admit we are very blessed that someone like you would go to the effort to put this together. I (probably like most people) live in a place where a kora teacher is impossible to find, so your software makes the difference between playing kora well or just tinkering.
absolutely superb kora teaching resource
that's about the best teaching package I've seen for any musical instrument!

Here you can get this unique software:

Download and test Jaliya V4 Shareware Version.
Buy Jaliya V4 Full Version (all Instruments) for Euro 50.
See Download page for details.

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